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The Rainbabies, Words by Laura Krauss Melmed, Art by Jim LaMarche


On a full moon night, after the rain, a childless couple finds twelve tiny children in the meadow outside their house. They love and protect them from dangers that seem to threaten them repeatedly, proving themselves the worthiest of parents. 
One night, the rainbabies’ real mother, 'Mother Moonshower' appears to take them back, gifting the couple with a little girl.

Written as a classic folktale and illustrated by LaMarche’s hauntingly beautiful paintings, the story has kept us all glued to the book until the end (and it sparked a daytime of open ended play yesterday, caring for twelve wooden rainbabies:)

A story that will resonate with adoptive parents, as well as with everyone whose journey towards becoming a parent  was neither quick nor straight forward.
This is a pretty unique book, with diverse imagery and beautiful to read aloud together, as it can speak in an equally powerful way to children and grown ups, although carrying different meanings.
The author’s compelling writing condenses the fears, the devotion, the excitment, the dreams and nightmares that punctuate parenthood.
There is a sense of magical and painful relationship with Mother Nature, here symbolized by a beautiful Moon-lady, that whoever has struggled becoming a parent will perceive more easily.

Reading age: 5-8 y
Published in 1992 by Lothrop
Written by Laura Krauss Melmed
Illustrated by Jim LaMarche

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