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Anita and the Dragons


Anita is getting ready to say goodbye to her island, the beautiful Dominican Republic.
She is going to board a plane and move to America, where she will live a more comfortable life, ‘where the government doesn’t turn off the electricity every night’.
She has to move away from the familiar, from her comfort: the sea and the salty air, nature and merengue music, her Abuela and the delicious arroz con leche.
This is the story of that day, when she had to find the courage to step into the unknown.
Poignant text by Hannah Carmona beautifully describes Anita’s feelings as they unfold from a lump in her throat to hope and courage.
The colour palette changes through the story from warm pastels to greys as Anita leaves her home to get to the airport and finally lands in the city.

“I will see you again”.

I loved the sophisticated illustrations and the way the author phrases and validates Anita’s fears, whilst suggesting a way to live with them.

Fresh, bittersweet, hopeful and utterly beautiful!
Anita and the dragons [February 2021]
Written by Hannah Carmona
Illustrated by Anna Cunha
Published by Lantana Publishing 
Reading age: 4+

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