Winter is coming

I can get quite obsessed with illustrators, and that happened with Jim LaMarche, so there was a pile of his books underneath our Christmas tree.
His paintings are stunning and they often come with longer stories suitable for older children (5-8y).
We tend to rush children into early (often quite uninspiring!) chapter books as soon as they start primary school, as literacy becomes a priority.
But picture books are truly fantastic at any age and quality should really be the main criteria to guide our choices about books.

The contemplative simplicity of this story captured our heart: a girl spends her days in the woods, from September to December, alone with her sketchbook.

Quiet and respectful, she tracks down the slow inexorable changes that occur as the season changes and Autumn turns into Winter.
It takes all of her patience to observe such transition and get close to the animals, that slowly but surely prepare for the arrival of snow.
Words by Tony Johnston
Art by Jim LaMarche
Published by Simon and Shuster
Reading age: 5+

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