The Swing

 This small board book features a classic poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, brought to life by one of our favourite illustrators (@juliemorstad) ๐Ÿ“–

A kind of perfect introduction to poetry for toddlers (2+) and a celebration of one symbol of childhood.

Do you remember that thrill, when you used to go up in the air with the swing? Do you remember the joy of pure movement and the desire to never stop?

Poetry must not necessarily be ‘difficult’ if we choose the right books and if we make it fun. We could try reading and memorising a few short poems (we did it in school when we were young, we can do that again!) and recite them (or sing them) while we walk to school for example.

Children love listening to stories,  especially when walking, cooking, or eating:) 

Young children who are in the process of exploring sounds and phonetics can hugely benefit from being exposed to poetry, where language is used in a more sophisticated way. 

It doesn’t necessarily need to rhyme, and as for stories, let’s leave nonsense and fantasy aside and let’s choose poems about real-life experiences and about the natural world, which can be a more tangible source of inspiration for the child.๐Ÿ’™

Published by Simply Read Books

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