The midnight fair [A Mezzanotte]

I fell in love with Maria Chiara Di Giorgio’s illustrations when I read ‘Two Wings’ [‘Due Ali’, available in Italian and Spanish] although she is mostly known abroad for ‘Professional Crocodile’.
In this cinematic wordless book written by Gideon Sterer she explores once again the fine line that separates human and animal life.
There’s a clearing at the edge of the wood.
As Fun Fair trucks arrive, the space is quickly teeming with people, artificial light and noise.
Animals quietly watch in the dark, waiting for their turn to have some fun, they way humans do.
The story breathes through Maria Chiara’s illustrations.

We suspend disbelief and we watch bears dancing with lollipops, racoons on a rollercoaster, a wolf winning the inevitable red fish...
and we just enjoy the magic of the night lights and the thought-provoking ending.
Who is more human?
That’s the question we are left with.
Written by Giedon Sterer
Illustrated by Mariachiara Di Giorgio
Italian edition by Topipittori
English-language edition by Walker Books


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