Al museo [At the museum]


We miss museums.
After ‘At the beach’ and ‘At the market’,
here comes the third volume of little Eva’s everyday life adventures,
published by Topipittori

Vessela Nikolova & Susanna Mattiangeli make an incredible duo from a Montessori perspective:
both great observers of reality, their gaze on the world of children is kind and sharp.
This time around they follow Eva on a school trip to the museum, and it’s like if they were there with a (kind of special) camera.

Eva is, like most children, curious, inquisitive and utterly spontaneous in her observations: her eyes move seamlessly from art to the environment and to real people, who wander around, take notes or pictures with their phone, observe, rest their back on a chair.

A plethora of human bodies: bodies in paintings, bodies in sculptures, and real bodies in all shapes and positions.
Equally interesting and odd.
Eva moves as an explorer into the space and time of the museum, which is one of a kind: diluted, quiet, fluid.

A museum is a fascinating and mysterious universe, somehow very special as it asks us to be present and slow.
We can follow the recommended visitors trails or we can wander around at our own pace and get lost.

This trilogy needs an English-language edition!

Reading age: 4+

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