A girl named Rosita - A biography of Rita Moreno

Puerto Rican icon Rita Moreno was born Rosita Dolores Alverio, in 1931.
Her name change marks her personal journey from the island towards the American dream:
She becomes Rosita Moreno at the age of 16 and then Rita in Hollywood.
In 1961 she is Anita in West Side Story, becoming the first Latinx performer to win a Oscar.
Her career has spanned seven decades in film, television and theatre and she has continued to use her voice becoming an outspoken advocate for racial equality, children education and immigrant families.
This picture book biography only tells a portion of her incredible career as it wants to focus on little Rosita’s fears and dreams.
The author speaks to Latinx kids of course, but also to any little person who has a dream but feels for any reason that they have little value, that they are not worthy.
For them, Rosita’s story is there as a shining example that we can overcome prejudice.
Vividly illustrated by bestselling artist Leo Espinosa (Islandborn) this is one of the best biographies released this year. 

Published by Harpers Collins.

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