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The girl who made the woman: a story from Kamala Harris' childhood


An anecdote from Kamala Harris’ childhood becomes an uplifting story about cooperation and perseverance, sensibly told by her niece Meena Harris. 
Kamala and her sister Maya dream about turning the unused courtyard in the apartment building where they live into a playgroung for the residing children.
Where to start?
The two girls have it all: vision, enthusiasm, resilience, problem solving skills, they have a practical mind and are willing to work.
They bring their community together turning nos into maybes into yeses.
They get more and more people involved, everyone brings ideas, tools or a pair of hands.
For “no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”
We enjoyed the vivid illustrations and effortless writing, which return an empowering feeling of possibility and a positive message of learning-by-doing that resonates really well with young children.
You may want to gift this to any little girl you know

Kamala and Maya Big Idea [2020]
Written by Meena Harris
Illustrated by Ana Ramírez Gonzáles
Published by Harper Collins
Reading age:4+

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