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Thank you Farm for feeding us throughout the seasons.
The days get shorter and darker, and now farmers are busy putting the fields to sleep, and caring for cool-weather crops.
These are two similar but quite different books about small scale, organic farming, the only type of agriculture I’d like to have to explain to my children.

“The Farm that feeds us” is a year-round tour in the work of a farm: 
from the machinery used to till the fields in Spring to planting, harvesting and selling produce, the book helps the child to make some sense of the way food arrives on his table, also getting an understanding of the role of livestock in farm life,  of the risks of using manmade pesticides in growing food for human consumption and the importance of crops diversity in food security.

All of this is explained with just the right amount of detail to suit children 4-8 y.
 Published by Quarto Kids.

“Sleep tight Farm” features a more lyrical take to non-fiction, and takes us straight to magical Vermont, into a family farm getting ready for Winter.

The lovely illustrations and heart-warming, concise writing make this one a good bedtime read.
Published by Chronicle Books.

The two books complement each other in a way, so if you have (like I do) a budding farmer in the house, you may want to get them both.

If you can, try to follow up these readings in real life to show your child that we can take action: 
support farmers by buying your food at farmer’s markets or by ordering your local fruit&veg box.

Buy only the food you need, food that’s been grown and ripen locally, in respect of the environment. This will ensure that the food is ‘in season’.
This is still kind of a mirage here in the UK, where the colonial history of the country got people used to get food all year round from all over the world.

Try heirloom varieties and different to protect biodiversity.  This is SO important.
Buy small, buy local, buy organic.


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