Working From Home: Rethinking our child's workspace


When we went into lockdown, we all had to reorganise a bit our homes. 
The most avant-garde companies offered extra benefits to their employees to improve their home workspaces.

Children have been working from home a lot too. That’s not been easy. Staying all day in the same space where you also play, eat and sleep does not help concentration at all.

So I’ve tried to pay some extra attention lately to my daughters’ workspace, which is in our living room, since we don’t have a studio and we made the choice not to keep toys and desks in their bedroom.

Because it’s a shared space and because they sit at their table longer than before, I set it up in the cleanest way I could, following some basic principles:

- Just like us, children can focus best if they are not surrounded by too many objects. Keep it simple, put those toys away, they really need them less than we think!

- Stationery should be well organised to minimise confusion and tidying up time, and be accessed independently; Consider organising arts&crafts materials in small transparent boxes by function (cutting&glueing, markers, rulers&co, paints, clay, yarns & sewing, etc..)

- Chair and table should be sturdy (so annoying when you’re trying to work and your IKEA table moves around all the time right?:) 
It’s also important that they are the right height. No one likes to work all curled up on the table;

- Natural light is best, putting their table next to a south facing window is a good idea;

- I’ve attached a prism at the window, for some unexpected fun when the sun shines into the room;

- We are all happier in a beautiful space, consider adding a small plant (that the child can take care of) or a small vase with flowers (which the child can be in charge to arrange and change). Greenery always helps with focus and brings good vibes to the environment.

By showing respect for their work environment, we show respect for their work, and they’ll do too.

‘Work’ does not have to mean (necessarily) homework, but it refers to any activity freely chosen by the child.

Have you reorganised your home?

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