Two books to explore light and darkness

Days are getting shorter and darker..but guess what? Some pretty cool things can only be seen in the dark.
I have always liked to explore and celebrate darkness in my home, looking out for books that would help me present the night, as well as Winter, as precious times of rest for ourselves and Nature.
Darkness can make us feel as good and secure as daylight, and maybe it can even be more magical.
These two non-fiction books both explore the phenomenon of light on earth: Katy Flint presents Nature's most spectacular light shows, from eclipses to polar lights to glowworm caves. Every page has a fact box to explain the science behind the phenomenon and breathtaking double-page illustrations.
Lena Sjoberg takes readers on a journey out at night, into the forest and deep down into the ocean,  to discover everything that glows in the dark, and then back home, which we can illuminate thanks to artificial light. Let's take a moment to remind ourselves how precious that is.
Who's afraid of the dark now? Let's turn off the light!

Bright in the night [2020]
by Lena Sjoberg
English-language edition published by Thames&Hudson
Reading age: 5+

Nature's Light Spectacular [2020]
Written by Katy Flint
Illustrated by Cornelia Li
English-language edition published by Wide Eyed, an imprint of the Quarto Group
Reading age: 6+

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