I Talk Like A River


There is something with Sydney Smith and the way he paints water. Irresistible and mesmerising.
This book is about a boy and his struggle with stammering, it's about how he finds comfort in nature and is supported by his dad in overcoming anxiety.
However, you don't need to be living the same specific situation to read it. Children are not interested in diagnosis and the boy’s speech disorder isn’t named in the book.
I Talk Like A River will resonate with any child experiencing anxiety, which may or may not  be associated with a learning disorder or may or may not manifest itself with temporary stammering.
Anxiety often impacts children's language in many ways no matter what the situation is. 
How do we navigate our child through challenging situations and help her find her voice, or how can we help him make peace with silence?

The boy's dad chooses some quiet time after school in nature, where he can feel himself as a part of it and let the emotion settle.

Nature absorbs our mood swings, it can resize problems and connect us with our true self when we can only manage to see ourselves through other people's eyes.
How do you deal with your child's anxiety?
I Talk Like A River [1st September 2020]
Written by Jordan Scott
Illustrated by Sydney Smith
English-language edition published by Neil Porter Books
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Language, Nature, Anxiety

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