A Picture Book about colours, by Pascale Estellon

Italian publisher L'Ippocampo is one of those to watch for, even if you don't read in Italian.
They are independent, cutting-edge and super quick at tracking down the highest quality and innovative illustrated books in the International publishing market.

Rosso Come…[L'imagier des couleurs de la nature is the original French title] is a large-format album with large flaps where colours are declined into their chromatic gradation and paired with treasures and living things from nature.

It's painted with tempera by French author/illustrator Pascale Estellon, who's been a prolific writer of books and activity book to engage children with art and colouring. 
This one is great to expand children's vocabulary and comprehension of colours, as well as for making connections and explore the natural world.

English-language edition will be out in April 2021, with the title Orange is an apricot, green is a tree frog and published by Princeton Architectural Press.
Rosso Come… [2020]
by Pascale Estellon
Italian edition published by L'Ippocampo Ragazzi
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Language

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