Girl on a Motorcycle

A terrific duo, Amy Novesky (Cloth Lullaby) & Julie Morstad (The Dress and The Girl), for the first time together to tell the story of a real-life heroine,  Anne-France Dautheville , the first woman to motorcycle cross-country around the world alone in the '70s.
We follow her from Paris to North America, to Japan, India, afghanistan and through the Baltics back home. The story is punctuated by small paragraphs where we learn how to drink tea in India and how to change a tire, words intersect Morstad's suggestive illustrations, that fill the book in multiple sizes and formats, according to her signature style.
The palette mixes pinks, orange and ochre/mustard: it's a wonderful throwback to the '70s. 
There is a nostalgic feeling of lost possibility there, the reminiscence of decade when everything felt possible, when the world was a different place.
The world is beautiful, the world is good - writes Anne-France.
That enthusiasm for travelling is now lost, after having given it for granted for a long time. We cannot come and go as we please anymore.

Anne-France has become a style icon as well as a female role model. When asked why she decide to travel alone, she answers that having companions take up too much of your attention, and you can't really focus on the people you meet, which remains a strong message of independence and aperture, not just for budding travellers.
Girl on a Motorcycle [6th September 2020]
Written by Amy Noveski
Illustrated by Julie Morstad
English-language edition published by Penguin
Reading age: 6+
Themes: Biography, Female role models, Independence, Travel


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