The Weed: Together we stand for a green and peaceful future

The world was becoming hard and dry, and more difficult to live in; 
and then one day, without any warning, a deep crack opened in the earth 
and the Meadowsweet family were at the bottom of it.

There, Quentin Blake summarizes all of our anxieties in a bunch of lines.
What will happen to them? 
The family will free Octavia, their mynah bird, who will return with a seed. The strange weed sprouting out of it will grow taller and taller with incredible strength reaching the sky at the top of the crack. So you see where the story is going: the family will be brought back to the surface by the mysterious plant, landing onto a lush meadow.

A hopeful message of love for nature and of gratitude to Greenpeace and all its supporters: this is a short story bringing together our fears, wishes, and worst dreams. all our responsibility.
Thank you master.

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