Counting Birds

Count the birds from one to twenty and see what they get up to over the course of a day, from the cockerel's first crow, to the rooks tumbling home to roost for the night.

The satisfaction of discovering beautiful books published a while ago usually exceeds the pleasure of spotting them among the new releases, for me it's like finding a small lost treasure, as it wouldn't have much space nowadays in big bookstores.

My daughters' teacher selected and read this on Zoom to the Children's House in one of our daily live sessions, and they were so engaged that finally asked me to get a copy for our home library.

To be short, I'll give you a few reasons you need this books in your home:)

- It counts up to twenty, as opposed to most counting books out there aimed at younger children, that only explore the tens.

- it offers some visual challenge to counting: as the numbers grow bigger, the illustrations stimulate the coordination eye-hand as the child will probably need to point at the birds to keep track. This is not always easy.

- The two points above make it a perfect read aloud book for sibling in the 3 to 6 age range, since they can complement each other's counting, offering some degree of challenge to 5-6 years olds.

- Alice's iconic, classic design and the vintage-feel palette are truly lovely, this book will not feel the wear of time.

- The lyrical text accompanying the illustrations is very engaging

Overall a seriously endearing book, that you will love having on your shelf for your pre-schooler.
Thank you to our fantastic Montessori teachers for recommending it!
Counting Birds [July 2019]
by Alice Melvin
English-language edition published by TATE
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Counting, Numeracy

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