A mum is like a home

A mum is like a home.
A mum is like the moon at night, like a nest, like the top of a mountain.

Through the eyes of a child, Aurore Petit illustrates all mothers: reassuring, warm, comforting, angry, tired, funny, imaginative.

In these strange times, it feels right to celebrate mothers, doesn’t it? for all the reasons we know.

Left without school, we are back being our children’s everything, inundated with a love that can be so demanding, overwhelming at times, totalising.


What I particularly liked in this book is that while ackowledging the special bond between a mother and a child that grows in those crazy first years, mum is never alone there, as dad is always around cuddling, playing, feeding her when her hands are full ...and cleaning!

That’s how it should be.
Una mamma รจ come una casa [2020]
By Aurore Petit
Italian edition published by @topipittoribit
Reading age: 2+
Themes: motherhood, attachment parenting

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