Coming together, Staying apart

There is no place like home.

We are all in this together has become our mantra, yet I am slowly starting to see some surprising lack of empathy from people alongside actions of great love towards others. 

Isolation is somehow leading to isolationism, to fear of people and self-centredness. How is this shaping our children's mind and personality?
Most are or will develop some sort of worry and inner angst, including separation anxiety for the younger ones (yes, even if you are with them all day long).
How do we respond to that? 
As far as I'm concerned, focusing on attachment and reassurance (+200% of what I would normally do) and choosing inclusive books that can foster a sense of community and togetherness beyond distance and differences with people around the world.

I discovered this lift-the-flaps series published by Oxfam in my daughters' classroom library and loved the layout and lack of fanciness:) Very appropriate to these times.

My children, like all children, love surprises and lifting flaps, and this series rewards their curiosity with interesting discoveries about food, play, travel and home, inviting them to make friends with children from faraway places.

'Come home with us' is probably our favourite, as children can explore different types of homes around the world spotting differences and similarities with their own, establishing connections.
Come home with us
by Annie Kubler and Caroline Formby
Content authenticated by Oxfam
Published in 2014 by Childs-Play
Reading age: 2+

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