Every day is full of endless possibilities, especially TODAY!

So ready…go!
I was quite astonished to find out that this super sweet, whimsical book by Julie Morstad is out of print in English :(

So we got our copy in Italian published recently by Terredimezzo which has utterly amused both my 5 and 3 year old daughters over the past few months, and thought to make a gently reminder around here to have soon a English edition in UK bookstores:)

We follow a girl from the time she wakes up until bedtime, on what seems a regular day. BUT.. no day is ordinary for a child! 
Julie manages to capture children’s imaginative take on routine and normality, showing how every day discloses so many occasions of making choices.

Every child will be able to see himself in this book, and most likely in many of the sweet details captured in the double-page spreads.

Talking directly to the reader, the author initiates a delightful dialogue between reader and illustrations:

What do I wear today? dungarees or a tutu?
And then what do we do?
We can make a little house,
organise a wedding between puppets, these are my toys, maybe you have the same in your room.
we can think about something,
or don't think about anything.

Do you prefer to go for a ride in the woods? And how are we going?
Dancing, stepping, running or hitchhiking?

And what are we going to do tomorrow?

Be prepared for some adorable chit-chat.
Pronti, Via! [2019]
by Julie Morstad
Published by Terre di Mezzo
Reading age: 4-7

Themes: Routine, Choices, Fun

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