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Birth, an animated book to explore the origin of life

After Anatomy and Ocean, a new exceptional book by French artist Hélène Druvert.

Conceived and finalised while pregnant with her second child, 'Naissance' is a fantastic journey through pregnancy, from conception to the baby's first days. 
Like Anatomy, the book is filled with awe-inspiring double-page spreads animated by clever cutouts and flaps which explain literally everything about the mystery of life, whilst following the evolution of the embryo month after month : the reproductive system, fertilisation, cell division, PMA, genetic heritage, ultrasound, twins, prematurity up until breastfeeding.

Sumptuous, fascinating and delicate, just like the birth of a new life.Honestly this book is brilliant!
'Naissance' has been published in Italian by L'Ippocampo. We look forward to reading the English-language edition! 
Nascita [October 2019]
by Helene Druvert
Published by L'Ippocampo
Reading age: 9+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Physiology, Anatomy

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