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Wandering seeds

Thank you Thames&Hudson for publishing this gem into English, this is probably one of my favourite new released books in 2019.
Did you think plants live a boring life staying still in one place? 
French author/illustrator takes us on fourteen vegetal trips, following the plants that travel around the world.  From flying dandelions to creeping strawberries, from bouncing chestnuts to clinging burdocks and exploding violets. Some fruits like blueberries are eaten and their seeds are then transported by animals, other plants need our help to grow.
An utterly original and fascinating take on a popular springy topic, featuring delicate and very realistic illustrations. Emilie plays with pure lines, flat colour and contrast, taking inspiration from the 70s graphic design (I see a tribute to Iela Mari's clean, elegant style here) to offer a lyrical yet honest and clear look at nature, celebrating its funny creativity.
I absolutely love it when illustration gets to be so essential and direct, avoiding childish oversemplifications.  This is a must-have for classroom libraries and will most definitely entertain all young non-fiction lovers.
Written and illustrated by Emilie Vast
English-language edition published by Thamse&Hudson
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Botany

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