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A tiny little board book with an incredibly important task: teaching kids about boundaries and body awareness.

Finn navigates a gathering of family and friends and everyone seem to request physical contact as a sign of affection. However, his parents have always encouraged him to make his own choices when it comes to his body, and to respect other people's choices, always asking for consent.

By allowing children to decide when and how to offer affection to others, caregivers help kids feel in control over their bodies, comfortable with expressing boundaries and respectful of boundaries of others. 
This means learning crucial social skills and empowering children to grow into self-confident adults. 
This also is a matter of safety, as children learn about limits within the family: when it comes to our body nothing that feels uncomfortable should be allowed.

At the end of the book a useful list of open questions for children and parents encourages to start a conversation around the topic.

This little book resonates with all toddler and preschoolers who experience the same type of situations every day at school and when seeing relatives and it can be a perfect tool for teachers and a support to courtesy groups in Montessori Classrooms.
by Eleanor Morrison
Illustrations by Faye Orlove
English-language edition published by Phonics by Finn
Reading age: 0+
Themes: Consent, Boundaries, Courtesy Groups

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