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The Bee Book

This book is the ultimate guide to the world of bees: if you have (or if you are yourself!) a bee lover in the house this is the only book that you will need.
It's literally packed with facts, beautiful illustrations and mesmerizing photographs guaranteed to satisfy the curiosity of all young readers as well as to get them engaged in the protection of these amazing, important animals which are vital to the future of the planet.
The authors explore the evolution of bees as well as their anatomy and life cycle, pollination and honey production, and honey healing properties. 
What is our role as individuals in bee conservation?
We can turn our outdoor space or part of it into a wildlife-friendly garden, by growing plants and flowers that are good for bees and by building bee hotels, or we could get into beekeeping. 
Any question you might have on these topics are answered in this remarkable book celebrating bees. Thank you DK!
The Bee Book [March 2016]
Created and published by DK children
Reading age: 6+
Themes: Animals, Non-Fiction

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