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What a waste: rubbish, recycling and protecting our planet
by Jess French

I will not stop praising DK Children enough for the amazing non-fiction books that they publish.
I think the combination of illustration and photography and the entertaining page layout are the main key to their success and my children love them above everything else. 
Also, DK always tackles current issues which I struggle enormously to explain to them and I often find some useful information myself.
In short, DK books are interesting readings for the whole family.

This one is a book about sustainability for younger children, written by British children's author and TV presenter (and qualified vet!) Jess French 
Everything we do while living our life on this planet produces some sort of waste: we deal with air, and water pollution but also with noise and light pollution.

Where does our waste go? Have you ever shown your kids a garbage mountain or a picture of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? 
Where does our food waste go? Do you even know where your poo goes?
Did we always throw away that much, and what can we do now?

It is essential for everyone to understand that our waste does not disappear. Either we start now to clean up the mess we've done, or in 2050 our own children will live in a garbage planet.
The book aims at showing children how the tiniest action can make a world of difference in tackling our throwaway culture, and it empowers them to make a positive change and make the Earth a cleaner, safest place for all of us to enjoy.
What a waste: rubbish, recycling and protecting our planet [April 2019]
by Jess French
Published by DK Children
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Sustainability

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