A book about kindness, illustrated by 38 kind artists

'Be kind'. How many times do we say it to our children, or we just think it, hoping that they will get there on heir own, eventually?
Cause kindness shouldn't be about following directions.
But do little ones actually know what we mean?
The only way to teach kindness is by showing it and role modelling (children's books are in general full of kindness) and by talking about it in a very specific way.
So let's define kindness: what can you do to be kind today?
Thirty-eight famous artists illustrate kindness, giving children some very real examples of how can make the world a better place, starting with a simple smile.
Sharing, making other people feel home, helping out, take a step behind to leave space for someone else: many difficult abstract concepts become concrete in this inspiring book created in aid of Three Peas , a charity founded in 2016 to support refugees and asylum seekers in Greece and elsewhere in Europe.
Axel Scheffler, Sir Quentin Blake, Beatrice Alemagna, Serge Bloch, Marianna Coppo, Kitty Crowther, Britta Teckentrup to name a few, are the names behind the bright, cheerful illustrations, incredibly well blended together by Alison Green's writing.
Out soon on April 4th!
Kind, a book about kindness [4th April 2019]
by Alison Green and Axel Scheffler
English edition published by Alison Green Books, an imprint of Scholastic Children's Books
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Kindness

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