Happiness where are you?

The Big Little Thing by Beatrice Alemagna was published back in 2011 and it's finally out in English today, on World's Book Day, published by Tate in a beautiful oversized edition.
The oxymoron in the title encourages the readers to move away from the well-worn word 'happiness' which has made it difficult to see and acknowledge the moments of pleasure that punctuate our life.
Happiness is not a permanent state of grace that we achieve by doing something, happiness is not something we need to search for long. It's something little, and big at the same time, it's a paddle to jump in, a snowflake to taste when the first snow of the year starts to fall, it's a hug and a hand sifting the sand at the beach. Happiness is a simple idea when facing the sea. That's what the image selected for the cover seems to tell.
Alemagna encourages children to acknowledge happiness while reminding adults that happiness is more a way of looking at the world, rather something that we achieve by working and planning, and finally urging us to be inspired by our children and by their way of living in the present moment.
The Big Little Thing [7th March 2019]
Words & Art by Beatrice Alemagna
English-language edition published by Tate Publishing

La Gigantesca Piccola Cosa [1st September 2011]
Italian edition published by Donzelli

Reading age: 4+
Themes: Growing up, Emotions, Awareness

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