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The true meaning of 'Friendship': Emmett and Caleb

This beautiful picture book, newly released by BookIsland, is about the many forms of friendships there are between creatures, and the many ways of expressing this friendship. That don't involve Facebook:)
Emmett and Caleb are more than friends, they are next door neighbours, and they spend most of their time together.
They are quite different though: Emmett wakes up bright and early, he is positive and active. Caleb is a dreamer and likes to watch the stars and sleep all morning. He is somehow a more fragile, delicate soul.  They balance each other and help each other go through life's highs and lows, just like good friends and life partners do. The beauty of this story is that it shows what friendship can be, refraining from offering definitions. 
So we follow these ageless creatures as they journey through the seasons, overcoming misunderstandings and enjoying being outdoor, sharing their morning coffee and meals as the colours of nature change taking them to Christmas and to the end of the year. 
Here friendship  is a feeling that shows in the small things: Emmett and Caleb's different personalities meet in the routine and in the choice of just being together. There's no space for pride and self-centredness, kindness is the secret of love.
Karen Hottois' gentle narration is perfectly paired with Delphine Renon's delicate illustrations, creating a story that will easily resonate with multi-age children.
Emmett and Caleb [6th September §2018] available here
Words by Karen Hottois
Art by Delphine Renon
English-language edition published by Book Island
Themes: Friendship, seasons, forgiveness, neighbours

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