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Inside: A guide to discovering the mind

After Outside, which encourages to discover the world outside of us, a twin book to look inside of us, in our mind. The original Portuguese edition of Inside (Cá Dentro - Guia para descobrir o cérebro) by Isabel Minhas Martins has been published in Italian by Mondadori, and it's every bit as gorgeous as I hoped.
Why is the mind of young children 'absorbent'? and where does the agitation of the teenage years come from? Why we forget things, including dreams? Can creativity be taught? Why do we like art? What do emotions are for? Where does technology sit in all this?
In ancient times it was believed that the heart was the organ responsible for our actions and our conscience. Today we know that everything we experience is produced by the brain, in a continuous dialogue with the rest of the body. 
The book was written with the help of a team of neuroscientists, philosophers and psychologists, and it follows the development of the brain from the womb through childhood, adolescence and adulthood, when it can finally be considered fully formed at the age of 25.

The authors explain how we learn, how we make decisions, how we act and how we grow by connecting with other people, through the interaction with other brains, developing our own individuality. 


Why we decided to write this book
10 ideas (to think)
What's inside?
Growing up
The senses
Body and action
The others and I
Aesthetic experience
Diverse brains
Keeping fit
Animals' brain
Facts and legends
Bye! (Q&A with the authors)
Bye! (Q&A with the experts)
I can't fully describe how fantastic is this book for anyone, not only for children. 367 pages full packed with facts and curiosities about topics that are hardly explored in school curricula as both neuroscience and psychology are not subject of study, unless one takes that direction at university.

However, is there anything more important than providing our children with an understanding of how their mind works? It's not just about giving them tools to increase self-awareness, it's about giving them tools for life.

Portuguese publisher Planeta Tangerina has sold rights in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish (optioned) and Czech.
We are looking forward to an English-language edition!
Qui Dentro - Viaggio alla scoperta della mente [20th March 2018]
Written by Isabel Minhós Martins and  Maria Manuel Pedrosa
Illustrated by Madalena Matoso
Italian edition published by Mondadori
Reading age: 10+
Themes: Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Non-Fiction

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