A fact-filled journey through the underwater world

A timely celebration of our oceans, another outstanding book from the creator of Anatomy.
Ocean is a gorgeous, meticulously crafted, large-format book literally packed with big flaps and breathtaking laser-cut illustrations to explore the ocean and its inhabitants from shoreline to the abyss.
Did you know that only 5% of the World Ocean has been explored to date?
The rest of it still remains a mystery.

French Illustrator Hélène Druvert and scientific journalist Emmanuelle Grundmann take readers on a tour of the ocean's most spectacular landscapes from the coral reef to polar oceans and then deep down to visit black smokers, which release sea water that has been heated  up to 400°C.
But there's more:  they also examine the movement and shapes of the waves, the water cycle, the food chain and fish defence mechanisms as well as the key role of the oceans in maintaining life on Earth, in a necessary final double spread about pollution and ocean crisis.

Ocean is a beautiful tribute to our Blue Planet: it's filled with facts, explained clearly and arranged in big colourful double page spreads, brimming with Druvert's sophisticated artwork.
It integrates visual and sensorial experience encouraging the child's interaction while reading, which is a key principle of child-centred learning (by far the most important in the Montessori pedagogy). We love it!

About the author:  Emmanuelle Grundmann is a biologist, naturalist, primatologist and French animal reporter, specialist in conservation and reintroduction of great apes in Africa and Asia.

Hélène Druvert is an illustrator and paper and textile designer. She explored paper cutting for several years through her picture books, installations and publishing projects.
She lives between Paris and the Basque coast.
Ocean [8th November 2018]
Words by Emmanuelle Grundmann
Art by Hélène Druvert
English-language edition published by Thames&Hudson
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Sea Life, Conservation

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