Scheletri - Gli animali come non li avete mai visti
[Skeletons - Animals like you never saw them]

French author/illustrator Florence Giraud just published her first book in English, Wonders of Nature, which I talked about here.
This book was out in French in 2015 with the title Anim'os and translated in Italian a year later. 
We need a publisher here, because this has everything to endear any child.

It's a non-fiction book about animals like you never saw them:
40 animals, each presented with a detailed full-page illustration on red background on the right and  a chart featuring trivia and interesting facts on the left.
Big flaps reveal the skeleton of each animal plus some information about what makes it special and functional to that specific animal.
Do you know why the boa can open their mouth 180 degrees, and that the seahorse has no teeth?
The Kangaroo has a very strong tail with 10 bones and a big muscle, which he also uses to stand an find balance. 
The written content here is presented using text boxes and smaller illustrations to help reading and learning.
The suggested reading age is 7+, although I believe preschoolers will find this super interesting as well, the content is so nicely laid out that can be easily approached by different levels of readers.
My daughter is only 4 and we've read this multiple times.
We look forward to an English edition soon!
Scheletri, Gli animali come non li avete mai visti [2016] [Skeletons - Animals like you never saw them]
Words by Judith Nouvion
Art by Florence Giraud
Italian edition published by Rizzoli
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Animals

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