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Recordmania - Atlas of the Incredible - The Atlas that pushes the Limit

A unique atlas that maps more than 150 unbelievable records set around the world.
Did you know Manowar is the loudest band in the world? And that the Hoh rainforest is completely free of man-made silence (I finally found my place in the universe:)?
Contents range from mind-blogging feats of human endurance to the unimaginable extremes in nature, and they are arranged by category: smallest/biggest, lightest/heaviest, slowest/fastest, shortest/longest, quietest/loudest, coldest/hottest. 
Each category is presented through a double-spread illustration featuring a map to locate the records, and additional informative double-pages presenting each of the records in detail. 
This stylish, oversized book by French trio Tavernier-Verhille-Figueras is beautifully illustrated and utterly engaging and I'm sure it will excite any child aged 6-10. 
Primary school children have a sort of special fascination with limits, tests, and can be quite competitive in a positive, fun way, which makes this title (and any other featuring quizzes for example, I am not endorsing standardised testing at school) particularly spot-on for this age group. 
According to Dr. Maria Montessori this interest somehow passes in the next developmental phase (age 12-18).

An important note for non-UK readers: the measurements have been translated from French using the Imperial system instead of the Metric system, which means that anyone not familiar with inches, feet, pounds and ounces will find incredibly frustrating to go through a good part of the book. 
A German edition is also available in addition to the original French edition published in 2017.
Recordmania, Atlas of the incredible [30th August 2018]
Text by Emmanuelle Figueras
Art by Sarah Tavernier & Alexandre Verhille
English-language edition published by Little Gestalten, an imprint of Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co, Berlin
Reading age: 6+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Records

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