The miracle of life: Amazing animal babies

Did you know that the male penguin protects the egg keeping it warm with his feathers for over two months, while the female sets off for the ocean to look for food? Then they democratically take turns to find food and look after the chick as soon as he is born.
Most baby mammals grow inside their mother until they are born, while reptiles, birds and amphibians usually lay eggs. Fish also lay many, eggs, sometimes millions of tiny eggs!

This brand new book by Spanish author/illustrator Aina Bestard features delicate illustrations playing with transparency thanks to the the alternation of white paper and onionskin paper, accompanied by a concise yet informative explanation of the basics of animal reproduction.
The emperor Penguin, the tortoise, the seahorse, the red kangaroo, the toad and the monarch butterfly and the blue whale are the elected representatives of the animal kingdom to show the miracle of birth.

This is for sure the book we've been reading the most lately, there was no way to get a different answer when asking my 4 year old what she wished to read.
"Animal babies!"
And I can't blame her, this is a truly sweet and engaging non-fiction book, with see through pages to encourage interaction.
Not the same old book on baby animals. Finally.
Amazing animal babies [27th September 2018, available here]
See through the pages to find who's inside!
English-language edition published by Thames&Hudson

Una nuova vita [20th September 2018, available here]
Come nascono i bebe animali

by Aina Bestard
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Animals

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