Early Literacy Fun:
LOOK - Fiona Woodcock

A whole book on one single phonogram, the one the author knows better :)
Fiona Woodcock invites children to some reading fun exploring the sound of the letter pair oo, through a cheerful, brightly illustrated word list .

"Look! It's a book!
About a brother and sister 
and their trip to the zoo.
What makes it special?
Here's the scoop:
every word in this story
contains the letter pari oo
Ooh! Cool! Woo-hoo!

This book is perfect for 3 and 4 year olds starting to read and write (in a Montessori environment this happens quite early), and can be combined with sound games like I Spy.
I don't usually buy books to support early literacy, it's something that I fully delegate to the school for the English, while I just focus on Italian at home, but this is book is really nicely illustrated, and can definitely suit independent reading.
by Fiona Woodcock
English edition published by Greenwillow Books
Reading age: 2+
Themes: Word Book

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  1. Great post! Promoting reading for pleasure is one of the hardest things when it comes to children. My child was an early reader though. He was reading without anyone else when he completed prekindergarten.

    He went through about fourteen days in kindergarten before the school educated us that since he was reading so easily, they needed to propel him to initially grade.

    How could we do this? As others have stated, I read to my kid as often as possible. Books are constantly present in our home.

    My significant other and I both love reading and composing, so we read to him continually, including books that outlined the letters of the letter set, so he took in his letters and how they functioned.

    But most importantly I definitely think that every parent needs to check out "" if you're serious about giving your children a head start in life.

    Good luck!

    Father of 2


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