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A visual guide to cosmological theories through history
Universi. Dai mondi Greci ai Multiversi

"From the dawn of time man observes the sky and tries to understand how the universe is made. The philosophers imagine it as round or infinite, small or huge. 
Physicists and mathematicians elaborate complex theories, while astronomers invent sophisticated tools to explore it. 
And as the image of the universe is gradually becoming more precise every day, its dimensions do not cease to grow"

Universi (Universes) is the latest visionary book by French cosmologist and illustrator Guillaume Duprat (Eye Spy) and it was first published in French (Saltimbanque Editions), then Italian (Ippocampo), German (Knesebeck Von Dem GmbH) and Spanish (Zahori Books). Come on, where's the English-language edition? We need a publisher here :)

Ten years after its captivating Book of imagined lands, Duprat invites us to a wonderful visual and scientific journey through the history of cosmological theories from the spherical cosmos of the Pythagoreans to Copernicus' heliocentric system, from the Einstein's static universe, which comes from the application of GR (general relativity),  to the most recent theories derived from quantum mechanics. 
The more we observe the universe, the more it surprises us. We now know that it's expanding, will it end? How?
Cosmologists imagine different scenarios: a big freeze (leaving Earth as a cold dead planet), a big rip ally tear apart galaxies and planets) and a big crunch (a mirror image of the Big Bang).
Contents are nicely laid out around beautiful illustrations and revealed under big flaps: Universi is an exciting, visual journey through the universe of yesterday, today and tomorrow that will fascinate kids and adults.

At high school I 'd been over the moon with a tool like this in my hands, a visual timeline summarising and representing pages of written, abstract theories.  Picture books do deserve a special place in Education.
Universi. Dai mondi greci ai multi versi [20th September 2018]
by Guillaume Duprat
Italian edition published by Ippocampo Edizioni
Reading age: 12+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Cosmology, Astrophysics

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