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What's hidden in the body?
by Aina Bestard

If you loved the artwork in ‘Amazing animal babies’ by Spanish illustrator Aina Bestard then look into the series 'What's hidden in..' published between 2015 and 2017 by @thamesandhudson
This is the third book and our favourite, purely because of my daughter's obsession with anatomy:)

Elegant, meticulous illustrations (coming from her background as textile designer) and interaction are Bestard's signature ingredients: children are invited to explore the artwork using three coloured glasses to discover the magic behind what they see at first glance.
The green one shows what's visible to the eye, the blue one allows to see more elements, while the red one finally reveals what's hidden in the body.

As you put this book in a preschooler's hands you’ll see the magic that it creates: the child instantly wants to independently interact with the illustrations, in a never-ending back and forth from abstract shapes to familiar ones, from design to reality.
Words are there to freely accompany this journey.
I found this a fantastic exercise to build focus in young children: original rather than informative, Bestard's work stands out thanks to the idea behind the artwork.
Which means that this is not an anatomy book, but it will arouse interest in the human body in young children, offering some time of real fun and pure concentration.

The book includes a removable poster featuring a girl and a boy to observe with the glasses, which we loved:)

What's hidden in the body? [November 2017] available on Amazon Books
Words & Art by Anna Bestard
English-language edition by Thames&Hudson

Che cosa si nasconde nel corpo umano? [November 22017] available on Amazon Books
Italian edition by White Star
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Anatomy

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