Britta Teckentrup - Oskar can...

This is the third book in the series ‘Oskar’ by Berlin-based author and illustrator Britta Teckentrup, dedicated to young children. It was published this September by Prestel.
Oskar (small tribute to the author's cat) is a happy little raven who not only can kick a ball high in the sky, he also does yoga and serves an excellent tea to his friend, and can *almost* jump as high as he does.
Oskar can’ is a book inviting children to point out and list their abilities (this happens naturally when reading it aloud, even before the final question): it's all about acknowledging (which doesn’t mean praising) and enjoying the small things at the present time.

From a parenting perspective, it helps moving the attention away from anxiety-inducing conversations and thoughts about future milestones in order to what the child masters already and does independently, no matter what this is.
'We do (and enjoy) this now' versus 'You will learn to do that'.
An empowering, positive, simple story with a simple message, brought to life by Teckentrup's vibrant, collage based illustrations, fostering acceptance, self-confidence and security, just what little ones need the most.
Oskar can... [3rd September 2018, available here]
Words & Art by Britta Teckentrup
English-language edition published by Prestel Publishing
Reading age: 2-5
Themes: Independence

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