An eye-opening journey:
Eye Spy - Wild ways animals see the world

"Scientists have carried out thousands of experiments to understand how animals' vision works.
They took a picture through the eyes of a fly, they painted beehives, showed thousands of images to chimpanzees, they kept some ants away from sun light, they launched blindfolded bats into the void.
Thanks to these experiments, they understood how animals perceive their environment"
Guillaume Duprat

Eye Spy  was originally published in French in 2013 by Seuil Jeunesse, with the title Zooptique - Imagine ce qui les animals voient (Zoooptics - Imagine what animals see) and it was translated straight away in Italian in the same year by L'Ippocampo, keeping the same title and cover.
Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Chinese editions followed but surprisingly an English-language edition was missing to date.

Well the wait is over:) It will be out on October 1st, published by What on Earth Books. 
Guillaume Duprat is a visionary author, illustrator and cosmographer with a passion for how mankind has depicted the world throughout history: he draws from mythology, anthropology, history of science and religion, translating his researches about unknown worlds into images for his books or into exhibitions and museum projects.
In this book Duprat invites the reader to see the world through the eyes of 20 different animals: the same landscape is depicted from the animal's point of view and revealed under the flaps.
Cows spot predators coming up from behind, snakes see infrared, which we only feel as heat, and eagles see eight times more detail that we can, while dogs have a visual superpower: they can process up to 50 images per seconds (us humans can only get to 20!)

Eye Spy is an amazing journey between science and imagination exploring the mystery of animals vision, guaranteed to intrigue any animal-lover, and it's also a book about points of view, showing how the world is never really the same, for no-one.
Eye-Spy - Wild Ways Animals See the World [1st October 2018, available for pre-order here ]
by Guillaume Duprat
English-language edition by What on Earth Books
Reading age: 4+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Animals

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