My First Book of London

We just got back in London after a long summer break, and it wasn't easy.
There's the rebound effect of being stuck with the home routine after 6 weeks of outdoor life, and there's the sadness of saying goodbye to the family living abroad. For many people living in London it's just the same.
Little ones struggle the most with settling back to the routine in the city, and every single time we come back my daughter challenges me with an apparently rhetoric question: 
'Why can't we live on holiday/by the sea/in the countryside? 
Why do we live in London?
No, the work place thing doesn't work as an answer:)
Luckily, London is one of the most special places in the world, and with a cool head and a book I can usually survive the question. 
This super-stylish book from Sweden-based illustrator Ingela P.Arrhenius will be out soon on October 4th: as opposed to many titles you can find in the London section in high street bookstores, this one is a sort of word book for younger children (2+) featuring striking illustrations of everything from iconic landmarks to the traditional full English breakfast.
Each spread includes a large illustration and a popular landmark and smaller illustrations of other nearby sighs.
Red Buses, black cabs and Buckingham Palace, The Natural History Museum and its unique breathtaking parks, there's really so much to see in London to excite any child (and grown ups too)
Ingela P.Arrhenius is among the creators of Walker Studio, an imprint of Walker Books which was born to offer audiences of all ages elegant, engaging design, captivating concepts and high-quality illustration together with superior production values.
Ingela's style is bold, naif and iconic, clearly influenced by the design from the 50's and 60's, which works well with the aim of offering toddlers and preschoolers a first visual guide of this amazing city.

London is of course much more than monuments and charming, incredibly old little houses made of red bricks.
The reason why so many young adults travel to London from all over the world every year trying to settle here is the the sense of freedom that one can breathe. 
Civilisation, self-expression, cultural diversity, a heritage of inclusive-ness: coming to London is like taking a bath in the world, feeling its unlimited possibilities. 
This is why we still feel lucky to be here, raising our daughters here, and what we all fear to lose after Brexit.
My First Book of London [October 2018 Pre-order here ]
Words & art by Ingela P. Arrhenius
Published by Walker Studio, an imprint of Walker Books Ltd
Reading age: 2+
Themes: Travel, London, Word Book

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