The Poetry of Everyday Things:
The Important Book
La cosa più' importante

An important book for important readers: this classic title by American best-selling author Margaret Wise Brown (Goodnight Moon, Runaway Bunny) will finally be out in Italian in November, published by OrecchioAcerbo.
The disarming simplicity of its concept generates a curious feeling of oddity at first reading, which then turns into a sense of perfection. Wise's rhythmic words are brought to life by Caldecott winner Leonard Weisgard, who alternates full colour and black&white double-spreads of vivid, iconic, impeccable pictures.
The author invites children to explore everyday objects thinking about their form and their essential attributes. Let's take a spoon, an apple, the wind and the rain, a daisy: how are they? what's important about them?
The repetitive structure of narration is essential to get young children into this 'game', leading to the final big question mark.
Who are you? What's important about you?
A timeless book by a creative genius, that resonates long after it's been read and closed.
Because of the way it is written, very clear and musical in a way, this title is often used with preschoolers learning to read and write, and it has been chosen as a 'Teacher's top 100 Books for Children' by the American National Education Association.
The Important Book [1954]
Words by Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrations by Leonard Weisgard
English-Language edition by Harpers Collins available here

La cosa più importante [November 2018 pre-order here ]
Italian Edition published by OrecchioAcerbo Editore

Reading age: 3+
Themes: Reading, Everyday Life, Inspiring Reflection

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