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And Us, Wanting to Remember
How We Were:
Tre in Tutto

70 thousand children from Southern Italy aged 6 to 12 were welcomed by Northern families between 1945 and 1952 to be fed and saved from poverty after the end of World War II.
The initiative was organised by the Italian Women Union and the trains leaving Puglia, Rome, Cassino and Naples heading to 51 towns in Northern Italy were called 'The trains of happiness'.  
Up north, new mothers were were waiting for the children of the war.
We follow two brothers as they leave their hometown to join two different families in the Bologna area: scared at first, they will then embrace their new life in the new families, forging a life lasting  bond with their new mums. The title refers in fact to the love between the boys and the 3 women: their biological mother and their 'adoptive' ones (who are sisters in the story).

Davide Cali' is at his best: Tre in tutto is a heartfelt tale about an important piece of Italian history, sensibly brought to life by Isabella Labate's neorealist style.
Memory, social and cultural legacy, history of the '900 century, there's everything in this stunning black& white tableau.
This book is my favourite (together with 'Mio padre, il grande pirata' which I talked about here ) by Davide Cali' among the several titles he published recently as the stories are both beautifully told with lean writing style.
A precious book that will most likely resonate with many Italian parents wanting to pass memories of their grandparents to their own children, and that can inspire anyone to learn about history.

I hope this will have the visibility that it deserves, also finding a place in school libraries and a brave English publisher.
Bravo Davide and thanks to OrecchioAcerbo for publishing diverse, important books.
Tre in Tutto [23rd August 2018] 
Words by Davide Cali'
Art by Isabella Labate
Reading age: 5+
Themes: History, World War II, Growing up

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