A silent underwater adventure:
Pool [La Piscina]

We have another month to go before back to school, so we are not really getting ready for Autumn yet, which means we will be reading books featuring summer and the sea for another few weeks:) 
For many people the holidays have just started, while for many they are over: still summer is here and we hold onto it, indulging in daydream stories about sea adventures, collecting memories and fixing them in the mind. 
I believe this process is as important as helping children to look forward to the season ahead. Here the limit between being motivating parents and pushy parents is blurred: let's allow little ones some time to process and celebrate what they've taken in during the most intense season of the year.

But let's come to this book:)
This is the debut book of Seoul-based author and Illustrator Jihyeon Lee, who had her second book Door published in June in Italian (out in October 2018 in English, available here).
Pool is a wordless book, finely illustrated with coloured and lead pencils and an evanescent pale blue palette which emphasize the dreamlike dimension of the story. 

Two young children meet at a crowded pool and share the exciting yet relaxing experience of an imaginative diving into the sea as they swim towards the bottom of the pool.
There's a strong oppositions here between the messy real world above the water, made of black & white, noisy, chubby figures loaded with useless and bulky equipment and the underwater world: the world of phantasy, freedom and peace that the two children explore with just a sleek swimsuit and goggles, gracefully coloured and silent.
Any little swimmer will be enchanted by this short story depicting so well the contrast between the hustle of the pool and the underwater silence. 
A tribute to the water element and to its healing power. Water, even inside a pool, can always help us settle into a calm state of mind, leaving us stronger and more focused.
A book that we will most likely rediscover when we will need to say goodbye to water in its natural setting and go back to the city.
Pool [2015]
English-Language edition published by Chronicle Books 

La Piscina [2015]
Italian edition by Orecchio Acerbo

by Jihyeon Lee
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Imagination, Silent Book, Identity

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