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What's the difference?
40+Pairs of the seemingly similar

Are you sure to know the difference between a bee and a wasp, between green and black olives, a lighting and a thunder, a basilica and a cathedral?
I'd say I was, before reading this:)
'What's the difference?' was published in German in 2016 and is out in English today: it's an amusing collection of 42 pairs of apparently similar things, that are set apart by a few important elements.
Contents are arranged by area: animals, food & drink, geography, fashion, human body and city.
Each page features two big detailed, almost self-explanatory illustrations of the pair, plus some close-ups at the bottom of the page for additional information and a very clear table at the top summarising the details that make the difference between the two. The page layout is neat and eye-catching.
I honestly appreciate this fun take on non-fiction: informative yet not didactic, amusing yet concise and fact-based.
This is a very engaging book packed with fun facts that will entertain the whole family, possibly starting some trivia contests.
It encourages observation as well as some thinking about the way we use the language, and how easily we name things and concepts without completely mastering their definition.
What's the Difference? 40+ Pairs of the seemingly similar [July 2018] available onAmazon Books
Written by Emma Strack
Illustrated by Guillaume Plantevin
English edition published by Chronicle Books
Reading age: 5+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Language, Vocabulary, Understanding differences

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