Poesie alla Luna
[Poems to the Moon]

"Oggi è stato raggiunto l'irraggiungibile, ma la fantasia non si fermerà. 
La fantasia ha sempre preceduto la storia come una splendente avanguardia. 
Continuerà a precederla... La luna rimarrà sempre per i poeti, e penso anche per l'uomo qualunque, la stessa luna"

["Today the unreachable has been reached, but imagination will not stop.
Imagination has always anticipated history like a bright avant-garde.
It will continue to anticipate history. The moon will always be there for the poets, and I believe for ordinary people too"]

Giuseppe Ungaretti

20th July 1969 - Poet Giuseppe Ungaretti watching the moon landing on TV

Poesie alla Luna is a tribute to the moon and and to the art of those who dared talking about it.
It's a collection of poems by Emily Dickinson, Goethe, Byron, Saffo, Shakespeare, Garcia Lorca, Leopardi, Whithman, Buon, Basho, Christina Georgina Rossetti, Shelley and Wang Wei, magnificently illustrated by Gianni De Conno and published in a stunning oversized edition by Rizzoli.
De Conno's art is powerful and visionary, just perfect to explore a dialogue with poetry, bringing it closer to both teens and adults.
Smashing Pumpkins fellows out there, this book will blow your mind:)   
Poesie alla luna [2009]
illustrated by Gianni De Conno
Italian edition by Rizzoli Libri
Reading age: 12+
Themes: Poetry, Art

Magica luna, tanto sei consunta
Che, rompendo il silenzio,
Poggi sui vecchi lecci dell'altura,
Un velo lubrico.

Magic moon, you are so consumed 
that, breaking the silence, 
you put on the old ilexes of the rise, 
a slippery veil. 

Giuseppe Ungaretti

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