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Collecting memories:
If you want to see a whale

If you want to see a whale 
you will need a window
and an ocean
and time for waiting
and time for wondering 'Is that a whale'?

Julie Fogliano captures the most common not-so-secret wish of all children in this short tale published back in 2013.
Which child hasn't asked her parents how to see a whale or a dolphin during a holiday at the seaside?
I did this myself obsessively as a child, especially when we had to take the boat to reach an island, and then I knew my chances of seeing someone where higher.

The story conveys the idea of patience and focus required by the observation of nature, gently disclosing the 'secret'  for spotting whales from the shore or at sea.
The author builds suspense by sharing a series of anti-distraction tips, leading to an amusing coup de theatre.

This dreamy tale is beautifully illustrated by Erin E.Stead with her usual delicate style, using linoleum printing techniques and pencil.
If you want to see a whale [2013] available on Amazon Books
English edition by Roaring Brook Press
Se vuoi vedere una balena [2014] available on Amazon IT
Italian edition by Babalibri

Words by Julie Fogliano
Art by Erin E.Stead

Reading age: 2+
Themes: Wait, Summer, Observing nature

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