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Blexbolex - 'Seasons':
A concept album

We have several books on seasons, it's one of my obsessions. 
Anthologies, book series, fiction and non-fiction books for different age groups and addressing different aspects related to the changes in weather patterns.
Books talking about changing seasons are not only fascinating, they also help children from a very young age to develop a sense of the passing of time, to increase awareness of nature's cycles, to transition from a weather pattern to the other, and they can also help to start a conversation on sustainability with older ones.
Seasons is quite unique and can't really be compared to any other book on the same topic because of its structure and because of Blexbolex bold, iconic style in illustration. 

Bernard Granger plays the word association game in this visual stream of consciousness monologue,  exploring the imagery of the seasons. 
Seasons belongs to the trilogy 1 image-1 word (together with People and Ballad) and it feels like a long logical riddle : each page (or double page) focuses on one image and one concept, linked together to define the main concept of season. Each page is also somehow linked to the previous and next one, to return the sense of the fluid passing of the seasons. 
As we are dragged through the book by this game, we are forced to the mental exercise of establishing logical connections between words and images and between one page and the other. These repeatedly become less fluid and straightforward, encouraging the reader to slow down for a deeper reflection on their meaning.
Seasons is in every way a concept album, collecting ideas that harmonise together in a cycle.
It’s simple and complex at the same time, depending on the reading level. Therefore, it can inspire young children as well as adults in different ways.
A 4 year old and a young reader will focus on the single association word-image, while older readers will look for connections between words and between images, in the previous page or a few pages back.
It's really a book for all ages, a standalone in the trilogy, that asks to be read multiple times and then left there and forgotten.  Reading it again after some time will return new meanings, and it will feel as challenging :)
Seasons [2010] available on Amazon Books
Words & Art by Blexbolex
English edition by Gecko Press

Stagioni [2010]
Italian edition by Orecchio Acerbo editore

Reading age: 3+
Themes: Seasons, Relationship with Nature

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