A First Book Of The Sea
Nicola Davies - Emily Sutton

Much-loved author and zoologist Nicola Davies teams up once again with English artist Emily Sutton for this 107 pages compendium of the sea, that will enchant young children.
Contents are organised in fours parts: Down by the Shore, Journeys, Under the Sea and Wonders.
The author explores different aspects of the landscape and life by the sea with her mindful, respectful look at nature: from crabs, whales and deep water fish to pebbles and shells, from the lighthouse to the pier and harbours, from overfishing to oceans pollution.

Nicola Davies is usually not an author of many words. However, the narration here is melodious as much as informative, combining facts with feelings brought to life by Sutton's delightful illustrations.

As we discern the English coastline in this book, we can also feel the love and memories that the author put in in it.  they somehow become universal. Images and words easily resonate with our memories, and with the memories that our children are making for themselves.
Who can't remember the excitement when we can finally glimpse the blue horizon filled with water after a long car trip? No matter which part of the globe we leave in, we are all drawn to the sea as it keeps doing it magic, making us all be children again.

Much attention is put on nature, on the flora and fauna of marine ecosystems but there is a place for human beings too in the scenery, especially for children. They are depicted playing by the shore with sand and pebbles, or just sitting on the rocks listening to the sound of the waves.
Here's the beauty and healing power of the sea: nature is the only equipment children need and summer is the time for work-free, slow, unstructured days in tune with nature.
This book is a true celebration of the sea, a feast for the eyes and a delight to read.
A perfect holiday companion for a slow summer full of wandering around and daydreaming by the sea.
A First Book of the Sea [5th July 2018] - available on Amazon Books
Words by Nicola Davies
Art by Emily Sutton
English language edition published by Walker Books
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Nature, Non-Fiction

A First Book of the Sea from Childrenofbooks on Vimeo.

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