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Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth
[TANTI e Diversi: La varieta' della vita sulla Terra]

This beautiful book by Nicola Davies won the Independent Bookshop Week Book Award 2018 in the UK, voted by a panel of journalists, independent booksellers and authors. 
It has also recently been published in paperback.
It is a very important book and I am so glad that it will hopefully have even more exposure.

Nicola Davies' works are all very special, she has a unique way to communicate facts to children: neat, concise, honest and direct. Her nonfiction writing is as engaging as fiction prose.
LOTS could be a first book to introduce to young children the concepts of ecosystem, diversity, respect and finally sustainability, all very difficult (yet crucial) themes to approach.
The amount of detail is just right to inspire preschoolers without being confusing, while Emily Sutton's artwork is rich and inspiring (we find here the same girl that we met in TINY).

The aim of the book is to raise awareness about the importance and fragility of biodiversity, showing how human beings are just a small part of a huge, complex pattern that must be protected to protect life itself on Planet Earth.

Education on these big themes must start as early as possible, it is the only way to raise responsible adults with a genuine love for nature and for the stunning ecosystem we live in.
It is the only way that they can BE the change, possibly stopping the insane slaughter that our generation has started.
LOTS - The Diversity of Life on Earth [2017]
English edition by Walker Books

TANTI e Diversi - La varietà' della vita sulla terra [2017]
Italian edition by Editoriale la Scienza

Words by Nicola Davies
Images by Emily Sutton
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Nature, Sustainability, Non-Fiction

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