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La mia Invenzione
[My Invention]

'If I want to turn it on, I must turn something else off'.
What's the girl's invention?
La mia invenzione ('My invention') is a truly clever and unconventional book written by Italian author Silvia Vecchini and illustrated by talented Maria Giron.
It is not based on a story as such, but on the dialog between a purely lyrical prose and detailed, evocative images.

As we start reading, the child has to reset his expectations in terms of narration and listen carefully to each word to try guessing what the girl's invention is.
This requires an effort in terms of focus for younger readers which works thanks to the beautiful, melodious narration and thanks to Maria Giron's sensible illustrations.
Two siblings are portrayed in their daily routine: play time, bath time, story time, and other familiar situations that invite the reader to identify with the two children.

The 'game' only lasts once, and as we find out that the girl's invention is silence, words and images take on a new meaning and we just want to read the book again.
La mia invenzione is in fact conceived for multiple reading, Silvia's prose is dense. Every time children will grasp new meaning according to their age, experience and sensibility.

A valuable read to inspire children to the importance of silence and of 'disconnection' to achieve focus, development of self-consciousness, self-exploration, emotional independence. But also to 'just' rest.
Silence doesn't necessarily imply loneliness, quite the opposite: mastering silence among other people is as important. It can be illuminating and tell us a lot about the quality of the relationships that we have with people.
We see how 'adult' is the message in the end, and how this will feel like an inspiring and moving book for parents as well.
From a Montessori perspective, educating children to see the value of silence is essential. Silence is encouraged in children's houses and also in Elementary classes to build focus, but it's not an obligation: children learn to self-regulate the tone of voice and the speaking vs silence to live more harmoniously in the community, as a form of both respect and requirement for work.
I really do hope that this title will be published in English soon, following 'A phone call with the fish' which is planned to be released in Autumn. I talked about it here
La mia invenzione [2015]
Words by Silvia Vecchini
Art by Maria Giron
Italian edition by Edizioni Corsare
Reading age: 3+
Themes: Silcence, Self-development, Self-discipline

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