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Egyptomania [Egittomania]

Egyptomania is a beautiful lift-the flap book in an oversized edition, carefully conceived to engage children in one of the most fascinating civilisations in history.
Each double page focuses on a different aspect of life in Ancient Egypt: the Nile river and its seasons, daily life, the pharaoh, the temple, the embalming methods and mummies, the tombs and the weighing of the heart.
Text by Carole Saturno is super rich in detail and it is beautifully illustrated by Parisian artist Emma Giuliani (Welcome the Day). Her minimalist, elegant imagery perfectly conveys the spirit of this glamorous civilisation.
The book includes an illustrated timeline at the end, plus notes on hieroglyphics and the names of the most famous pharaohs.
An important resource for primary school children to read at home and share in class.
Egittomania [2017]
Words by Carole Saturno
Art by Emma Giuliani
Italian edition published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore

Egyptomania [2017]
English language edition published by Laurence King Publishing

Reading age: 6+
Themes: Non-Fiction, History, Ancient Civilisations

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