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Children in our World
Refugees and Migrants

On the 10th June the Italian Government refused port access to 629 migrants and refugees (including 120 unaccompanied children) who had been rescued on the coast of Lybia by the Aquarius vessel, operated by the charities SOS Mediterranee and Medicins sans Frontieres.
After seven days at sea,  the rescue boat has reached the Valencia port and the immigrants have been welcomed by the Spain.
In the US, between the 5th May and 9th June 2,300 children were taken from their parents at the Mexican border, under the 'zero tolerance' policy by the Trump administration.

As migration debate roils Europe and America, we witness the disaster of family separations and the tragic state of Human Rights around the world, with 68.6 million people on the move fleeing war or persecution in 2018.
Something I don't really have the words to explain to my children. 
This book by Ceri Roberts is from the series Children in the World which also includes Poverty and Hunger, Global Conflict and Racism and Intolerance.
It's an essential book describing who refugees and migrant people are, where they come from, how and why, also addressing the fears that might generate in young readers.
It is a very comprehensive read, written with clear, appropriate language.
Children must and have the right to be informed, they don't need to be told about a sugar-coated world. The starting point is a correct, precise information about the facts.

Today is World Refugee Day, please do buy this book and read it to your children. 
Change can only start with education.
Refugees and Migrants [2016]
English language edition by Barron's Educational Series

Rifugiati e Migranti [2018]
Italian edition by EDT

Words by Ceri Roberts
Images by Hanane Kai
Reading age: 6+
Themes: Non-Fiction, Migration

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